Thursday, 11 October 2012

Boats and the North

LMFAO glasses by SashaWarner
LMFAO glasses, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.
My Dad spend the decent months of the year working in Sault Ste. Marie. From early spring to late fall (deer hunting season, to be exact), he goes up to North for nine days every two weeks. It seems like PapaBear is always away working. When he's not away, it feels like a celebration - like he's been away for ages and its a real treat to have him around. Nevin is used to pattern and is quite familiar with my Dad's lifestyle.

The other day, Shawn was listening to music on my iPad.

Nevin: "Daddy, what are you listening to?"
Shawn: "A song."
Nevin: "What song is it?"
Shawn: "Its called Little Black Submarine."
Nevin pauses to think very carefully about this revelation.
Nevin: "PapaBear works in Sault Sub Marine."

Sunday, 7 October 2012


tutuhead by SashaWarner
tutuhead, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.
That is a tutu on Nevin's head.
Those are two headbands on Scarlett's head. One is made of blue sequined elastic.

They did it themselves and were proud enough to want to pose.

Richard Simmons has nothing on my kids.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Children and Dandelions

Nevin Dandelion by SashaWarner
Nevin Dandelion, a photo by SashaWarner on Flickr.
Nevin and I stayed home together today.
Yesterday, he was very sick. Like fever and throw-up-on-Papa's-shoes-when-he-came-to-pick-the-kids-up-in-the-morning kind of sick. So I made plans to spend the day at home with him today.

Except today, after a lazy sleep in, he wasn't very sick. In fact, besides his pale complexion (which is probably more genetics than illness), he wasn't looking or acting sick at all. So, we went for a walk and got a hair cut. We came home and played outside.

On our way back inside, I saw a dandelion and picked it, so it wouldn't go to seed. I planned on tossing it in the garbage, but Nevin saw it and claimed it as his own.

He carried around his prize for the next while. After we got our coats and boots off, he turned to me and exclaimed, "Thank you, Mommy! This flower is just lovely! Thank you so much!"

He makes me laugh. No one appreciates the beauty in weeds more than preschoolers.
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