Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hitting the Snooze Button

Today was disaster.  Shawn and Scarlett have colds - miserable colds.  Nevin has no excuse, but he had the kind of morning where he pushed his sister.  I say "push", but for accuracy's sake, let's just call it a hip check.  Scarlett was so sick that after seeing left over pizza - which was more than she could bare - she annouced "me no lunch" with a whimper, flopped on the couch and passed out cold in two minutes flat.

We were all at each other.  If life was a Charlie Brown comic strip, the rain cloud was situated directly over the Warner Residence.

Then after lunch, this happened:


I hit the reset button.  We slept.  I didn't wake up to the kids whispering and laughing downstairs; Shawn did.  I woke up to him saying "I told you so."  I got up in a huff, contemplating sending the hounds -- that's polite speak for "monsters" -- up to him, whilst I nestled in for a dreamless slumber in some corner in the basement.  Instead, kindly, I shut the door, turned on some white noise, and let him sleep.

Two hours later, he woke up and thanked me.  Some people just need a little more snooze.

Behind the Scenes of Our Photos

We love taking pictures.  We are amateurs, so it does not come easy for us, but we love the adventure and using our minds in a creative way.  It is invigorating to look for a new cool backdrop as we drive through town or to walk through the raw, ugly spaces of our town on deserted weekend mornings.

As much as we enjoy the pictures that are produced, we adore the process.






Sunday, 6 October 2013

Drive-In Political Pundits


Parenting a four-year-old is a lot like being a politician.
Kindergarteners are curious and they ask a lot of questions.  Their line of questioning is like that of a seasoned reporter, and in this simile, the parent -- with their honest and elusive answers -- is left to be the inexperienced, blundering politician.

Case in point: yesterday on our first family trip to the drive-in theater.

Shawn: There's not very many drive-ins left anymore.
Nevin: Why?
Shawn: A lot of reasons.
Nevin: How many?
Shawn: Oh, a whole bunch.
Nevin: How much is a whole bunch?
Shawn: Probably 10.
Nevin: Can you tell me all 10?
Shawn: No.

Nevin takes the win.
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