Sunday, 25 September 2016

Other Pictures from The Five-Year Project

After we re-created the four pictures that were needed for the Five-Year Project, we tested our luck a little.  It was bedtime, but the kids were in fancy matching clothes and it was a beautiful night, so we stuck around the park to take a few extra shots.  It was mostly a disaster (thanks, Malcolm).  Nonetheless, there were a few cute ones where Malcolm wasn't furiously staring into the camera and you can't tell Scarlett's eyes are blood shot.

Turns out, since they were tired their personalities really came through.  These might be my favourite set of photos of the kids, just because they are raw and genuine.



Sunday, 18 September 2016

Scarlett in the Newspaper


I have so many layers of love for this newspaper clipping.

One.  Its Scarlett.  What's not to love?

Two. Only in a small town would the End of Summer children's party at the library get full coverage.

Three.  The reporter covered it like it was the society pages of a New York daily.  "To compliment her blue and white dress, she wore..."  It was like the Oscars, only better because instead of taffeta it was cotton and instead of Cartier it was Edmonton Oilers.

Four.  He nailed it.  In two sentences, the reporter captured my daughter.  Loves the party (grabs cake), but a little conservative (eats it in the shade); her ridiculous fashion choices that she is so proud of, and pulls off -- to my shock -- really well.  I've got hoards of photos and blog posts, yet he created the most perfect snapshot of my daughter in 9 square inches.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Scarlett's new best friend


Nevin finally, finally, had a lovely first day of school.  Change is so hard, and this year he seems to be reaching the level of confidence and maturity required to handle it.  He went to school with the self-assuredness of a sweet second grader.

Scarlett had a much rockier start.  She missed the first day of senior kindergarten because she had a high fever.  The routine was already off and she was not well rested.  Consequently, her first day was hard and teary.

But she is in good hands.  On her second day, her teachers gave her a little project: they gave her a Helper title and introduced her to a brand new junior kindergartener.  It was just what she needed to turn her day around.  They spent the day holding hands and guiding each other from centre to centre.  When Scarlett got home she told me, smitten, "I met a new friend today and she is SUCH a little munchkin!"

Why Icelanic sheep are AMAZING.

  1. They are anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Just because there is a fence, doesn't mean you are safe from hitting them.  Often they are on the road-side of the fence.  As in, they are on both sides of the fence at the same time.
  3. After seeing them on mountain sides and grazing at the corner of a cliff Seljalandsfoss, Shawn called them "Baaaaaaaaad ass sheep."
  4. In the car as a sheep pops out from the lang grass onto the road:
    • Sasha: "Sheep!"
    • Shawn: "Stop swearing, Sasha."
  5. On a mountain and cliff section of road in the East Fjords, a sheep is trotting on the side of the road beside the guardrail with her two buddies.  She squats in front of us, pees, looks me in the eye with malice and says "Baaaaaaa."  Is that the sheep equivalent of spitting at someone's feet and giving them the stink eye?  I think so.
  6. Northern sheep are more skittish and will run off the road when they see a car.  We witnessed three sheep do the following when we happened upon them running along the road (instead of across it):
    • "Bob!  Car coming!  Booooob, I need more room to get off!  Booooob!"  And finally Caaaarl body checks Boooob off the road and flees.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Five-Year Project, Part 2

Another five years on the books for Mr. Warner and I.  That can only mean one thing: its time for another instalment of The Five-Year Project!

Every five years, I put on my wedding dress, we gussy up the family and re-enact a few of our wedding pictures.  Last time, we invested in our all-time favourite lifestyle photographers -- Luke and Lee-Anne Haggett -- but they no longer do family photography, so this time we went with the DIY approach.  

It was much more challenging since the family has grown, there was a tired toddler involved, and we can't just wing it when we are trying to re-create photos from the past.  We went on a Friday night, and unlike last time, there were a lot of people in the park.  I don't know why, but I get SO self conscious wondering around town in a wedding dress.  Normally I embrace absurdity, but its harder in that dress.  We managed.

Turns out the crowd was a wedding party scouting out the location for their Saturday afternoon ceremony and photographs.  It would have been fine except they thought we were DIYing our actual wedding photos.  And so the kindhearted, real wedding photographers approached us to see if they could help.  To my mortification, they were the parents of a couple of kids in Scarlett's class.  You know, the kind of arms-length acquaintances that know you well enough to say "Hi!", but aren't close enough to know if you are crazy or not.  We cleared up the situation, laughed at the awkwardness and parted ways.  On the plus side, who needs blush when embarrassment gives you the the real thing?  I look fantastic in these photos. 

And now, the evolution of the Warners.


Warner Family-1



Warner Family-3



Warner Family-5



Warner Family-7

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